About UsThank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We are an innovative and motivated team dedicated to bringing adoption to the crypto space.


Our StoryAbout The Internet Money Team

The level of dedication, motivation and sincerity that exist within the Internet Money team cannot easily be conveyed in words. Our drive and determination have already proven themselves. To bring our project to the point it is at today, countless hours have been put into it. There is no obstacle we can not overcome. We see only the objective, the obstacles must give way. We are committed to seeing this project manifest, to strengthening the world of crypto and helping to liberate our fellow humans from oppressive financial systems by giving them an easy, user-friendly experience in the crypto space. We will inevitably face hurdles and hardships, but there is nothing that can deter us from our path.

Our MissionMaking Crypto Safe. Making Crypto Easy. Keeping Crypto Innovative.

Our mission is to make crypto approachable for anyone who wishes to explore the world of financial freedom. At the same time, creating innovative technology that pushes the boundaries of what currently exist in the crypto space. While never compromising on safety and security.



Creating new technology to improve, expand and simplify the crypto space.



Our team has in-depth knowledge and insight in the world of crypto, legacy finance, application development, and business.



Security is our top priority. We understand the importance of building secure products. That’s why we continue to implement the best security practices.


What We DoBuilding Innovative Blockchain Technology

With blockchain innovations that are the first of their kind, the Internet Money Wallet and our smart contracts aim to improve and refine the crypto space as we know it. We are dedicated to bringing financial freedom to our fellow humans. In every sense of the ideal.

Meet the Internet Money Founders


KG, Founder

Crypto investor, ecosystem creator, PulseChain enthusiast, father, husband, owner of a successful real estate business, philosopher, poet. These are some of the many hats KG proudly wears. He is ... show more

Don Montoya, Co-Founder

A U.S. Army Veteran and dedicated father of 4, Don has a unique blend of sales and marketing skills based on decades of experience in the entertainment and construction industries. The psychology ... show more