Our Purpose

What is The Internet Money Ecosystem?

The Internet Money Ecosystem is an innovative and approachable set of tools dedicated to onboarding new users into crypto, offering technology for the advanced crypto user and giving our fellow human the means by which to transact peer to peer and earn passive income. The core of our technology is the Internet Money Crypto Wallet. A multi-chain EVM wallet, native to PulseChain. The Internet Money Wallet has three supporting cryptocurrencies or “tokens”. Internet Money (IM), a deflationary peer to peer digital cash. T.I.M.E Dividend (TIME) , the first smart contract (token) of its kind. Holders of this token will earn passive income in the form of PLS, ETH, BNB and other native coins. Directly relating to the revenue generated by the Internet Money Wallet. No staking, delegating or locking up your TIME is required. Simply hold TIME and earn passive income. Future T.I.M.E Dividend (FUTURE), holders of this token will receive a 1:1 airdrop of TIME on all future EVM chains it launches on. All of our tokens are immutable, have no admin keys and have undergone third party security audits.

Internet Money Crypto Wallet

The Internet Money Wallet is the first crypto wallet of its kind. Dedicated to providing users with the cleanest and most approachable user experience while offering features that crypto users of all levels will appreciate. Every user that downloads the Internet Money Wallet will be able to claim free crypto. Holders of the The Internet Money Ecosystem Dividend (TIME) will earn passive income in PLS, ETH, BNB and other native coins directly tied to the revenue generated by the wallet.

Key Features

What We Offer

The Internet Money Ecosystem offers a dynamic set of products. Below are just some of the innovative aspects of our of growing technology.

  • T.I.M.E Dividend (TIME)

    Holders of the TIME token earn passive income in PLS, ETH, BNB and other native coins.

  • Internet Money (IM)

    Deflationary peer to peer digital cash on BSC, PulseChain and Ethereum. No admin keys, no taxes, no relfections.

  • Future T.I.M.E. Dividend (FUTURE)

    FUTURE on Ethereum will be airdropped T.I.M.E. on the new chain to the same address at a rate of 1:1.

Other Features

What are some things I can do?

There are many amazing features not listed here and more features will be added over time. The building has just begun.


    All tokens prices are tracked, always know what you're worth!


    Hold WD earn PLS, ETH, BNB and other native coins


    Reach out to the team or community anytime!


    Active and Engaged social community


    Send/pay or receive/get paid with your favorite crypto assets


    Trade one crypto asset for another


    Relevant resources for all levels of experience


    Connect to all Ethereum (EVM) compatible blockchains