Sacrifice for the freedom of time



What are the details?

What am I sacrificing for?

The Freedom of Time.

In an act of free speech, like-minded community members may show their support for the idea that all humans are entitled to their time.

Those that choose to show their support for this movement will have points attributed to their wallet address that made the sacrifice. These points are non-transferable and have no value. These points represent an allocation of the tokens Internet Money Wallet Dividend (WD) and Future Wallet Dividend (FWD). One (1) point = One (1) WD on Ethereum, one (1) WD on BSC (BNB Chain), and one (1) FWD on Ethereum.


Sacrifice begins with Pool A on November 30th, 2022 at 00:00:00 UTC and ends when $12,000,000 USD Total Sacrificed Value is achieved or on December 30th, 2022 at 00:00:00 UTC. If sacrifice Pool A is filled before December 30th, 2022 at 00:00:00 UTC, sacrifice Pool B will open Immediately upon Pool A being filled. Pool B will stay open with no monetary cap for five (5) days (120 hours). Any sacrifices received after the end of the fifth (5th) day after Pool B opens will not receive any points.

Participated in the Sacrifice for WD on PulseChain?

Those who participated in the first sacrifice for Freedom of Time (WD on PulseChain) are being credited a 1:1 US dollar value towards this new Multi-Chain Sacrifice. Example – If you sacrificed $1,000 USD value for WD on PulseChain, you will be credited a $1,000 USD value to the same address used in the first sacrifice (concluded) towards the Multi-Chain sacrifice (current).

What is WD?

Internet Money Wallet Dividend (WD), is the first token of its kind. Instead of traditional fees for swapping crypto assets, the Internet Money Wallet fees are paid in the form of a blockchains native coin. Those fees are locked in an immutable smart contract, with no admin keys. Where WD holders can claim their portion of the fees as frequently as every block. 100% of wallet revenue is distributed to WD holders. You do not need to lock your WD up in any way. Simply hold WD on your desired blockchain and earn passive income in the form of PLS, ETH, BNB and other native coins. With a total fixed supply of 2 billion WD tokens, there is no risk of dilution due to inflation.

Internet Money Wallet Dividend (WD)


What is FWD?

Future Wallet Dividend (FWD) will launch on Ethereum only. FWD is a token that represents the WD token when it is launched on future EVM chains. When WD is launched on a new EVM chain, holders of FWD on Ethereum will be airdropped the new WD token to the same address at a rate of 1:1. In order to receive your airdrop, you must hold your FWD in a non-custodial wallet. With a total fixed supply of 2 billion FWD tokens, there is no risk of dilution due to inflation.


A total of $1,582,751.11 was sacrificed for WD on PulseChain. The $12,000,000 USD value for Pool A is based upon the credit for the first sacrifice + the USD value in Pool A for the current sacrifice.

Pool A closes when $10,417,248.89 USD value is sacrificed, and a Total Sacrificed Value of $12,000,000 USD is achieved.

Pool A

12 Million USD Value


70.8% of WD and FWD

Once Total Sacrificed Value equals $12,000,000 USD, all additional sacrifices pour over into Pool B.

Pool B

No Cap


Up to 10% of WD and FWD

$12,000,001 to $12,999,999 USD Total Sacrificed Value, unlocks an additional 1% of the WD & FWD supply. Every 1 Million USD value sacrificed thereafter = an additional 1% unlocked. This rate will continue until 10% of the WD and FWD supply is unlocked. Once 10% is unlocked, there will be NO CAP on the Total Sacrificed Value. The 10% of the supply (or whatever is unlocked) will be distributed proportionally to the individuals sacrificed amount in Pool B.