T.I.M.E. - Internet Money - Future - Passive Income

Holders of the TIME token will earn passive income in PLS, ETH and BNB and other native coins

PulseChain Contract Address:  0xCA35638A3fdDD02fEC597D8c1681198C06b23F58 [copy]

Ethereum Contract Address:  0xd08481058399490B83a72676901d4e9dB70E75aC [copy]

BNB Contract Address:  0x8734022D0fdBF1faeCE14cE077Edfcb936543E25 [copy]


How does TIME work?

How Does TIME Work?


The Internet Money Wallet will charge fees when swapping from one asset to another within the wallet (like Metamask and other crypto wallets). A fee of 0.729% will be charged on every swap performed within the wallet. These fees will be charged in the form of PLS (PulseChains native currency).


Holders of the TIME token will get a portion of the fees generated on PulseChain by the Internet Money Wallet, respective to their holdings. To calculate your percentage of the pool: you can divide how many TIME tokens you have by the total supply (2 billion) and multiply it by 100 to know your percent of the pool. Example: 1m TIME / 2b TIME = 0.0005. Now, take that 0.0005 and multiply it by 100. Which equals 0.05% of fees (your position).


Dividends are claimable as frequently as every block and can accumulate. Depending on which chain you hold T.I.M.E. on, you earn passive income in the form of that blockchain's native coin.


Making TIME not only the best form of passive income in crypto, but also granting users the ability to hold on to an asset that can potentially appreciate. Passive income + an appreciating asset = well, use your imagination.

Internet Money Crypto Wallet

The Internet Money Wallet is the first crypto wallet of its kind. Dedicated to providing users with the cleanest and most approachable user experience while offering features that crypto users of all levels will appreciate. Holders of the Internet Money token (TIME) will earn passive income in PLS, ETH, BNB and other native coins directly tied to the revenue generated by the wallet.